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Your electrical switchboard is at the very core of your homes functionality. When everything’s working correctly, you have nothing to worry about. But when your switchboard is malfunctioning you could be stuck in the dark ages – or worse. It’s not worth the risk.

Understanding your Switchboard, Fuse Box and Circuit Breakers

If you’re experiencing regular blackouts and power outages, it’s time to do something about it. Domestic electrical issues should never be ignored and that means checking out your switchboard.

To the untrained eye, knowing what a switchboard is can be a touch confusing. It’s not an isolated piece of equipment, but rather a part of your home’s entire electrical system.

When something goes wrong with the power, you can trace it to the source at the fuse box, or electrical meter box. This houses the switchboard, main switch, RCD safety switches and circuit breakers. The fuse box is typically near the front of a house, on an internal or external wall. It may contain the electricity meter, too.

Inside your electric meter box you’ll find the following key components:

  1. Switchboard: This is the overall unit that houses the main switch and circuit breakers. Think of it like the control panel for the power supply to household circuits.
  2. Main Switch: The electrical main switch is the overall master control. When it’s switched off or is tripped the whole home loses power.
  3. Circuit Breakers: Circuit breakers provide protection for fuses. They prevent excess electrical current distribution and will trip and turn off to stop the power supply. There are often individual circuit breakers for lighting, hot water systems, air conditioning, etc, to prevent any one circuit from overloading.
  4. RCD Safety Switches: Designed for human safety, residual current devices (RCD) cut off the power instantly when an imbalance is detected in the circuit. Although they essentially work the same as a circuit breaker, RCD safety switches react to more sensitive changes in current.

Each element can be broken down and assessed individually when you’re having issues with power. However, Elect Select Electrical Contractors will always look at your entire electrical system for a thorough fault finding analysis.

We pay attention to the fine details so you can receive a detailed assessment. This will help you understand the best course of action and long term management. So if you’re dealing with any electrical switchboard woes, contact us to book in a local licensed electrician. 

Electric Switchboard Upgrade

Average power usage needs have drastically evolved over the years. Once there was a time when it was a luxury to have a washing machine, telephone or TV. Now, it’s the norm. Homes are also filled with slow cookers, air fryers and countless chargeable devices like smartphones and tablets.

But as our demands have increased, older homes haven’t changed. Yes, new builds are tailor made for a 21st century world, but many existing houses have not experienced that same evolution.

Old and inadequate residential electrical switchboards can be dangerous. Ceramic fuses are not designed with the same level of safety as modern fuses. There’s less protection against high voltage frequencies that can damage valuable appliances. Your home itself could even be at risk if an electrical fire sparked.

A switchboard upgrade is highly recommended if you:

  • Have old ceramic fuses
  • Do not have a safety switch or RCD protection
  • Experience regular power outages
  • Suffer from frequent blown fuses
  • Have damaged wiring or a damaged switchboard

Upgrading to a brand new switchboard is the best way to avoid potential threats to your home. You can be sure that it is wholly compliant with modern regulations, including appropriate RCD protection. The various electrical circuits will also be neatly organised in a clutter-free environment.

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